If you click a button in the ABSALON & CO′s DEMAND INDEX below you will see a list of actual anonymized brands looking for shops at the specific location and specific size.

ABSALON & CO′s database of potential retail tenants comprises more than 2.600 different brands.

ABSALON & CO′s Demand Index shows how many of the tenant leads registered in ABSALON & CO′s database are currently in the market for retail premises for a specific type of shop (location and size).

The database is covering many other locations than mentioned in the Demand Index below, but for the time being the Demand Index is limited to Copenhagen City Center due to changed principles when registering wishes and demands of potential tenant.

As it is not particularly relevant to know how many tenants are currently NOT in the market, ABSALON & CO'S DEMAND INDEX does not show all tenants in ABSALON & CO′s database, as the database also comprises tenants who are currently not active in the market at all or who are currently not very active in the market.

But…in order to be efficient, it is also very important to know who is not in the market for retail premises.

Location/Sqm 0-75 75-125 125-250 250-400 400-700 700-1000 1000+
Berlingske area
Daells area
Pisserende area